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Founder(s)John Moore


3D4Medical is the developer of Complete Anatomy, a cloud based learning platform that specialises in medical and health & fitness software for student and patient education. It was founded in 2004 by John Moore with aim to transform medical education using proprietary 3D technology.[1][2][3]


3D4Medical initially developed and licensed medical stock imagery that was developed using 3D technology.[4]

The company has a headquarter in Dublin with major offices in San Diego, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. The company's app Complete Anatomy uses 3D technology to allow visual digital exploration of the human body.[5]

The company was eventually sold in 2019 to Elsevier in a deal worth $50.6 Million. Life sciences Company, Malin Corporation received €17m for their 38% stake. Its founder received €24 million for his 54% stake in the company.[6]


The 3D technology used by the company in its platforms allows users to interact with a virtual human body. Users are able to zoom in from any angle, remove layers and structures and to virtually cut through skin, muscles, and bone.

The company offers 29 apps excluding any app add-ons.[7] Along with their cloud-based platform Complete Anatomy, the company also has iMuscle 2, Complete Heart, HoloHuman, Quiz Anatomy and Essential Anatomy 5.[7] Microsoft covered 3D4Medical's port of Complete Anatomy to the Windows Store in a blog post.[8]


In 2019[edit]

The company's main product, Complete Anatomy, surpassed 1.2 million registered users. Across all of its' platforms, it reached 25 Million downloads.[9]

In 2017[edit]

3D4Medical was the recipient of the US-Ireland Research Innovation Award.[10] Complete Anatomy was featured on MicrosoftEDU Even Keynote. At this event, the company's Medical Education Team Lead, Edel Lynch, previewed the Complete Anatomy app.[11]

In 2016[edit]

Complete Anatomy was shortlisted for the App Store's Best of 2016 by Apple's Editorial Team.[12] Additionally, Complete Anatomy has been the top-grossing medical application in the App Store's Medical Category in 131 countries.[3] Complete Anatomy won Apple Design Award at WWDC.

The host at the Apple Design Award noted "This is a groundbreaking 3D anatomical platform for medical students, medical professionals, and lifelong learners. And we love this app for how it's disrupting traditional ways of teaching anatomy".[13][14][15]

At the same event, their head of design, Irene Walsh, previewed their Complete Anatomy app on the new iPad Pro.[16] In the same year, the company's founder was the finalist in the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Programme.[15] Appolicious featured 2 of 3D4Medical's apps in their list of 'The Best iPhone Apps for Anatomy Students'. Essential Anatomy 5 was featured at number 1 while Complete Anatomy was number 2.[17]

In 2015[edit]

Life Sciences investment company Malin paid $16m to acquire 38% share of the company.[6][18]


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Other websites[edit]

  • [3d4medical.com Official website]

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