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IndustryVR/AR Educational Technology
HeadquartersTarmwe Plaza, Yangon, Myanmar[1]

360ed is an educational technology startup headquartered in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). The company primarily creates school curriculum for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality formats through use of Mobile apps.[2] The stated mission of the company is to: "Leverage digital technologies to transform the Education Reform process; Provide interactive and dynamic learning solutions; Narrow the gap of access to quality education between urban and rural areas; and Educate teachers to teach 21st century skills and knowledge to their students so that children anywhere in the world can receive a world class education."[2]

The concept for 360ed began as a proposal put forward by Daw Hla Hla Win at the Global Solution Program at Singularity University for improving access to education by leapfrogging technological gaps in developing countries. In January 2017, 360ed was formally launched by Daw Hla Hla along with fellow entrepreneurs Laurent Boinot and Perttu Pölönen from the Singularity University.[3]

On February 10, 2018 360ed officially launched Dat Thin Pone, the first AR 3D learning application in Myanmar.[4] Among other capabilities, the app allows students to visualize Chemical structures in three dimensions. As of July 2018, the company offers AR-capable curricula in Grade 1-English, Grade 10-Biology, and Grade 10-Chemistry with plans to expand curricular offerings across Grades 1-11.[4]

In 2018, the company received a Netexplo Innovation Award for Disruptive Innovation in recognition of the company's cardboard AR headset, which went to market in Myanmar for €4 per set.[5]

Beyond its applications to textbook material, 360ed has used its virtual reality capabilities to allow Myanmese teachers representing over 128 schools across the country to attend experience classrooms in Finland and Japan.[6] [7] Part of 360's focus is improving access to teacher training by connecting demonstration classrooms and teachers around the globe.[7]


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