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34BigThings is a game development and publishing company based in Turin, Italy. It was founded by three MSc students from the IT University of Copenhagen in 2013 and started in a living room.

34BigThings managed to scale their team up to 32 professionals, ranging from AAA veterans to pure-hearted independent souls, while remaining completely indie.

In November 2020, Embracer Group announced that they acquired the company through Saber Interactive, which will be the parent company.[1]

Redout Development History[edit]

They started working on Redout while sustaining the studio via B2B projects in 2014 and finally released it in 2016, from the initial expected delivery date of Q3 2015, on Valve's Steam.[2]

34BigThings later updated the game with a free DLC containing the Europa map (5 tracks and a boss one) just before Christmas of the same year.[3]

The company worked directly on the port to consoles, releasing it on Xbox and Playstation 4 in 2017 with the name "Redout: Lightspeed Edition". 505 Games co-published the physical and retail editions. This edition included everything from the Enhanced Edition, plus two additional DLCs (V.E.R.T.E.X. Pack and Mars Pack).

And edition with the same name has been published by Nicalis on Nintendo Switch in 2019, but containing all released DLCs.

Games developed by 34BigThings[edit]

  • (2015) Hyperdrive Massacre
  • (2016) Redout
  • (2018) Super Inefficient Golf
  • (2018) Mars or Die!
  • (2018) Otto
  • (2019) Goat of Duty
  • (2019) Redout: Space Assault


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