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Coordinates: 50°29′12″N 30°36′34″E / 50.48667°N 30.60944°E / 50.48667; 30.60944

33m2 (33 square meters)
Industryretail (DIY)
FoundedKherson, Ukraine (1999)

33m2 (33 square meters) (Template:Lang-uk) is a Ukrainian DIY retail network of markets and supermarkets with area under 5000 sqm.


The first market of the retail network was opened in Kherson in 1992. As of 2018, the retail network 33m2 consisted of 40 markets and supermarkets, including markets under titles: "Stroy-ka", interior light salon "Lampochka", interior plumbing salon "Poseydon", and "Mercury" trading center.

The retail network is located in the following regions of Ukraine: Kherson, Mykolayiv,[1] Odesa,[2] Dniepropetrovsk[3] and Zaporizhzhya regions.

The range of products are shown in the following products' categories: building materials and household items, home improvement, goods for subsistence farming, household appliances


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