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2lane pics.png
2lane in Maputo 2018

Thulane Gustav Aly Horst (Template:IPA-pt; Born 11 March 2002 in Maputo, Mozambique),Is a German Mozambican Artist, Producer, Composer, songwriter and DJ in the Genre Electronic & Dance [1] known by his stage name 2LANE (Pronounced Tulani) [2]


At the age of 7, 2LANE started playing Guitar with his Friends with their teacher Gimmy. At 9 2LANE Created a band with his Friends called 3 Meticais, Referring to the currency of Mozambique that each would be a Met. They would play at local venues or open Mic in their hometown Tofo Later on Thulane changed from Acoustic Guitar to Bass Guitar. When moving to boarding school at the age of 13, Thulane got the passion for creating, mixing and making sounds with his friend Miguel Do Santos. They would Write and Produce Hip Hop tracks for fun in their hostle in Nelspruit.

He then Moved in to Djing Electronic Music because of his fathers[3]<not in citation given>...</not in citation given> stories back in the 90s of bring big Techno Djs and Producers like Carl Cox, AUX 88, Juan Atkins & others to the venue Tresor (club)[4]<not in citation given>...</not in citation given>, which he managed at the [5]<not in citation given>...</not in citation given>time and taking Pictures for some of them for their Art Cover. He got inspired by the stories and made him want to become a Dj & Producer too. Thulane started Djing on a Tablet, Over time he got a mini DJ Midi controller which gave him a big advantage in the understading of Mixing Electronic Music. [6]



2LANE signed to Afropean Entertainment generally known as Afropean Records,[7] where he released his debut album called Sunset [8] which charted in the Genre Electronic 15th in Mozambique on Apple Music [9] After entering the charts 2LANE got Verified on Fortunes[10] & YouTube [11]


2LANE Released the Single Voices [12] under an exclusive license to the label Teleblast Music Group and ranked 66th Globally in (New Electronic & Dance Release) on Amazon Music He released a single called Retro under the label MKD Groove a Division of Teleblast Music Group in Mozambique which later on got him a deal With Teleblast Music Group to release a new album [13] which would only come out in 2021.[14]


Studio albums[edit]

Title Album details Peak chart positions
  • Released: 29 November 2019
  • Label: Afropean
  • Formats: CD, digital download, streaming


As lead artist[edit]

Title Year Peak chart positions Album
Kallo 2019 Sunset
Pool Date
Bongo Bazonkers ((with AMUSIKA)) Non-album single
Mad Monkey 2020
Heartbeat ((with Charlotte Horst))

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