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2Genderz Productions
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2Genderz Productions is an independent video game developer founded in September 2018.[1] The company has received considerable backlash online due to content in their video games being deemed widely offensive, most notably due to their games featuring LGBTQ, Jewish people and migrants being murdered by in-game protagonists resembling Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump. [2] [3] 2Genderz Productions has responded to claims of inciting hatred against minority groups by placing a disclaimer on their website[4] stating that their games are intended to be "satirical" and "non-political", although this claim has been challenged by some outlets.[5]


2Genderz Productions's debut video game Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day was first considered to be a troll hoax due to its extremely outlandish content matter[6], the game was officially released in February 2019.[7] The game received widespread criticism due it's extreme violence aimed at left-wing politicians and minority groups.[8]


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