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[22Smoke] is an American Rapper who built a fan base as an unsigned artist through his tracks posted on SoundCloud and YouTube such as “Listen to Me,” “She Wanna” and “No Regrets.” .[1]


22Smoke was born on 23 May 2002 in Mount Desert Island, Maine, 22Smoke spent most of is early child hood in Bar Harbor, He began writing music in high school and released his music to SoundCloud in 2016[2]


2016-2018 Career Beginnings

In 2016, 22Smoke released his first track in High School on Soundcloud under the name "RESPAWNN" with a feature with INDIGO titled "CIG" this caught attention from people in their city


On 4 December 2020, 22Smoke released his debut song titled "Ghetto Trust" talking about his past situations in his life. 22Smoke debut release caught attraction from people in his city and multiple states in the USA.

On 3 Feburary 2021, 22Smoke released his single "Listen to Me" the release that made him receive a lot of his fans from his state and multiple states in the USA and even over seas to the Philippines.[3]


  • Listen to Me
  • She Wanna
  • Next Up
  • Through My Eyes

== References == https://open.spotify.com/artist/78Xvr5KTx1P8tDjjKXv91o?si=8gXBDKH8R4G2j0J1BTEEIgh

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