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21st Century Insurance
FoundedLos Angeles, California, U.S. (1958; Template:Years or months ago (1958))
Key peopleFarmers exchanges
ParentFarmers Insurance Group

21st Century Insurance is an American auto insurance company and is wholly owned by the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. They are headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, and provide private passenger auto insurance in California and Hawaii.


21st Century Insurance was founded in 1958 by Louis W. Foster as an inter-insurance exchange offering auto insurance, primarily in California. Initially, the company was called 20th Century Insurance.[1] 20th century Insurance was in the edge of bankruptcy due to Northridge Earthquake but recovered eventually.[2] The company was purchased in 2005 by AIG and then later sold in 2009 to Farmers Insurance Group of Companies.

The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, based in Los Angeles and itself a subsidiary of Zurich Financial Services Group, purchased 100% of AIG's U.S. Personal Auto Group in 2009, including 21st Century Insurance.[3][4] There were layoffs at 21st Century Insurance in 2016.[5]


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