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1st Round Enterprises
Founder(s)Teague Egan, Zack Johnson, Sterling Brewster and Riley Egan

1st Round Enterprises is an entertainment media firm that has divisions in the areas of music, sports and film industries.[1][2][3] It has represented entertainment figures such as musician Sammy Adams, and Olympic gold medalist Shawn Crawford.[2][3] The company was founded by Teague Egan, Zack Johnson, Sterling Brewster and Riley Egan in 2009, and is based in Marina del Rey, California.[1]


The company formed while most of the founders' were students at the University of Southern California,[4] and company first hosted events and parties in Los Angeles.[2] It created its music label, 1st Round Records, with the signing of freestyle rapper Sammy Adams.[2] In 2010, Adams reached number 1 on the iTunes Hip Hop chart. In addition to its music and sports branches, the company has created an investment vehicle, 1st Round Capital, and a film sector, 1st Round Pictures.[2]

1st Round Athletics[edit]

1st Round Athletics is the sports division of 1st Round Enterprises. 1st Round Athletics launched with a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo in February 2014. The same month, 1st Round Athletics released a sportswear line featuring athletic apparel made from a mineral-embedded fiber textile.[5]

Later that year the company signed Olympic sprinter Shawn Crawford and football player Jordan Campbell.[6] Itbecame the official apparel supplier of the FIA Formula E Championship in October 2014.[7]


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