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180 Nutrition
IndustryHealth and Fitness
Founder(s)Guy Lawrence & Stuart Cooke

180 Nutrition is an Australian online business, founded in March 2010,[1] by Stuart Cooke and Guy Lawrence. The business sells protein supplements. The company gets its name from the product's components: one serving of protein, eight natural ingredients, and zero preservatives.[2]


The idea of the business came into being when Guy Lawrence did market research on protein supplements and came to the conclusion that most of them may be dangerous to health. Sweeteners and artificial ingredients were being used in a variety of health products.[3] He wanted to promote supplements that used natural ingredients. Lawrence experimented with his own ingredients and, with the help of a nutritionist and a health expert,[4] developed a protein formula.[5][6] After he shared the idea with his friend Cooke, they became business partners.[7]

By 2013, Guy and Cooke had managed to get customers and a fan following on Facebook by writing about controversial health topics. They started off with Cooke's wife packaging and delivering the product by post. When their customers increased, they then outsourced the help for packaging.[2] They ventured on with an initial capital of $3000 and by 2013, their sales revenue reached $150,000. The financial security[8] allowed them to quit their jobs, and focus onto their business.[2] Their business effort was recognised nationwide when they were chosen as finalists for the micro-business Telstra Business Awards, in both 2013 and 2014. They came in at second place in 2013.[9][10]

By the end of the year 2013, with the support of a network of gyms, health stores and chemists around the country, 180 Nutrition had planned on going international, starting the distribution of their product in New Zealand, UK, United States and Canada.[2] When asked about the success factor of the business, Lawrence accredited his partner Cooke for sharing his passion and said that the "yin and the yang is super important". Stuart Cooke is responsible for the order and delivery of the product. The co-founder claims to have built a system that can handle 500 plus orders a day. The founders of the business have solely relied on social media for the marketing of their products and have never spent their revenues over conventional marketing mediums.[11]

The company now boasts a very successful podcast talking about all things health and wellness, interviewing well known experts from around the world.[12]


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