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123.Net Inc.
FoundedMarch 5, 1995 (1995-03-05)

123.Net Inc., also known as 123Net, is a telephone,[1] Internet, and colocation provider headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, in the United States. It was one of the first Competitive Local Exchange Carriers to interconnect with AT&T[2] and Verizon[3] for the purposes of offering services through the public switched telephone network. The company operates as an independent and privately held telecommunications provider with services in the midwestern United States.

123Net is most known for its Southfield and Grand Rapids based data centers (DC1–DC4) and its extensive Wireless and Fiber-optic network in Michigan.


123Net was founded primarily as a dialup ISP that focused on residential internet services. The company has since exited most residential service offerings and is now a business provider of telecommunications services.


123Net has acquired assets or bought the following companies' networks:

  • T2 Communications of Holland, MI in April 2015
  • Michigan Network Services in October 2014[4]
  • MICA.Net in July 2014[5]
  • West Michigan Internet Services (WMIS) in January 2011[6]
  • 2020 Communications in February 2010 (Wireless Washtenaw, some assets later sold to Air Advantage)[6][7]
  • Waypoint Telecommunications and Waypoint Fiber Networks in July 2010 (Purchase fiber assets)
  • Zing Networks (Acquired wireless assets in September 2009)[8]


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