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10th Legion Championship Fighting
IndustryMixed martial arts promotion

10th Legion Championship Fighting[1] or 10th Legion is a UK-based Mixed Martial Arts promotion. The company was founded in 2008 and held its first event in April 2009 in Hull. The company is based in Hull, London and New Zealand.

Mixed Martial Arts combines Olympic disciplines such as Greco-Roman Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling, Boxing and Judo with the more modern Martial Arts skills of Kickboxing/Muay Thai, Submission Fighting/Grappling – such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu

10th Legion works with other MMA organizations to build a better standard in the sport. Events are planned for 2014 in Hull, London and New Zealand.


10th Legion Championship Fighting has brought together fighters from around the UK, United States and Europe for international events.

10th Legion's first World Champion was five times UFC veteran Welterweight fighter Jess 'The Joker' Liaudin, who still holds his title.

Another well known 10th Legion World Champion is Lightweight fighter Abdul Mohamed.


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10th Legion Championship Fighting events[edit]

Main article: List of 10th Legion Championship Fighting events
  • 10th Legion 1: The War Machine 05-Apr-09 Hull
  • 10th Legion 2: Forged in Battle 27-Sept-09 Hull
  • 10th Legion 3: Decimation 21-Feb-10 Hull
  • 10th Legion 4: Rise of Olympia 21-May-10 Birmingham
  • 10th Legion 5: War of Independence 04-Jul-10
  • 10th Legion 6: Gates of Fire 27-Nov-10 Hull
  • 10th Legion 7: Invasion of Warriors 13-Mar-11 London
  • 10th Legion 8: Symbol of Power 9-Apr-11 Hull
  • 10th Legion 9: March to Glory 17-Sept-11 Hull
  • 10th Legion 10: Temple of the Titans 24-Mar-12 Hull
  • 10th Legion 11: Victorious 13-May-12 London
  • 10th Legion 12: Army of Gods 15-Sept-12 Hull
  • 10th Legion 13: 4-May-13 Hull
  • 10th Legion 14: TBC Hull
  • 10th Legion 15: TBC New Zealand

Organisation information: 10th Legion Championship Fighting[14]

Current 10th Legion champions[edit]

Division Weight World Champion European Champion British Champion NSAC GNP Champion Amateur Champion
Heavyweight convert}} vacant vacant vacant vacant Stuart Crooks
Light Heavyweight convert}} vacant Janus Jones vacant Richie Knox Carl Messen
Middleweight convert}} vacant Brian Moore Phil Ounsley Diego Björn Valencia
Welterweight convert}} Jess Liaudin Peter Irving Qasim Shafiq Bjarki Þór Pálsson Gavin Lofts
Lightweight convert}} Abdul Mohamed Maxim Ionov Louis Chapman Josh Layton Patrick Tucker
Featherweight convert}} vacant Dan Gibbon vacant Andy Craven Ramon Silva
Bantamweight convert}} vacant vacant vacant vacant Sam Wilkinson
Flyweight convert}} vacant vacant vacant vacant vacant

Title holders[15]


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