101 Dalmatians (Golden Sound Story)

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{{subst:saved_book}} 101 Dalmatians is the Golden Sound Story book adaptation of One Hundred and One Dalmatians.


  • The Twilight Bark is not called the Twilight Bark in this book; instead, it is simply referred to like this: "Dog after dog repeated it, all across the city, in a TWILIGHT TELEGRAPH."
  • Pongo narrates the story and is the first button on the sound board, but he is shown with a blue collar instead of a red one.
  • Pongo also has a blue collar on the cover, while Perdita has a red one.
  • The colors of Pongo and Perdita's collars change throughout the book:
    • Pongo's is red and Perdita's is blue on 3 pages.
    • Pongo's is blue and Perdita's is red on 5 pages.
  • Cruella De Vil has a normal skin color on her picture on the button.

Sounds & Button Icons[edit]

  • Barking (Pongo)
  • Falling Down (Motion swirl with yellow smoke)
  • Honk (Cruella in her car)
  • Marching (Drum)
  • Popping (Pop comic bubble)
  • Sniffing (Puppy sniffing)
  • Song (Dog with music notes)
  • Tiptoeing (Woman indicating quiet)
  • "Twilight Telegraph" (Wolf howling)
  • Whimper (2 sitting puppies)

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