101 Dalmatians (Disney Wonderful World of Reading)

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101 Dalmatians is the title of two different Disney's Wonderful World of Reading storybook adaptations of the film of the same name. One was released in 1974 and another was released in 1995. {{subst:saved_book}}




  • The rhyming message of the Twilight Bark in either book is different
  • Although shorter in length, the 1995 version adds many more details to the story than the 1974 book


  • Cruella's motive is to sell the dogs to the circus
  • Roger and Anita are just called "two very nice people" instead of by their names
  • Cruella's hideout is discovered by a single light being lit in the window


  • Pongo and Perdita have fifteen puppies
  • Cruella's motive is to skin the dog's to make a fur coat
  • Roger and Anita are discussed by their actual names
  • More of the dogs present during the Twilight Bark sequence are shown
  • Cruella's hideout is discovered because of smoke rising from the chimney


  • Language: English

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