100 Kw Solar Project at IOCL Leh

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File:100 KW Solar Bottling Plant Project, LEH, INDIA.jpg
100KW Solar at world's highest bottling plant at Leh

Solar Bottling Plant At IOCL

100KW Solar Project At IOCL Leh
HeadquartersJammu & Kashmir

One of the world's highest bottling plant at Leh is solarized on 23 May 2018 with installation of 100 kw of solar plant. Bottling is basically defined as a process in which the bulk liquid or gases are packed in the bottle for storage and distribution. Bottling plants[1] support these business activities i.e. this is the place where this activity is carried out. Indian Oil Company Limited is one of the India’s most leading fuel retailer which deals in solving the need of petrol, diesel, LPG etc. This company is ranked 168th amongst[2] the world’s largest corporate and  has total of 91 bottling plants worldwide in locations like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir etc. Statcon Energiaa is an empanelled vendor for IOCL for retail outlets as well as their industrial grade plants. The solar bottling plant in Leh[3] is being installed by the Indian Company "Statcon Energiaa Pvt Ltd"

  1. Solar Bottling Plant at IOCL
  2. Traditional Needs of Bottling Plant
  3. Project Operations of Solar Plant
  4. Benefits Enjoyed By Bottling Plant

Traditional Needs of Bottling Plant

The need for the plant in that it was set up to solve the problem of power cuts as due to the harsh weather conditions that area faces problem of irregular power supply which was resolved with the help of this solar plant. The issue of grid connection was also resolved as it was very expensive to set up grid connection whose basic setting up cost is more than the solar plant set up.

Project Operations of Solar Plant

The immense opportunity was provided to Statcon Energiaa[4] and the work for this project began in March, 2018 and was successfully completed in July,2018. This project was installed with the total solar capacity of 100Kw and 192kwh of battery storage. It is also having capability to be integrated into the local grid when available.

Benefits Enjoyed By Bottling Plant

  •  Tax Savings      
  •  High return on investment
  • Subsidy and Incentives from Government
  • Diminution of electricity bills
File:Solar Bottling Plant at Leh.jpg
Solar Bottling Plant at Leh



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