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ParentHuaqin Technologies Ltd.

10.or, often pronounced Tenor, is a mobile brand launched by Chinese company Huaqin Technology, which was founded in 2005.[1] The brand was launched in India exclusively available on Amazon India.[2]

In 2017, the company made a debut in India with 10.or E smartphone, which is sold exclusively on Amazon India.[2] 10.or is known for its low budget prices and high specifications.[citation needed] The brand made numerous subsequent product launches.


Prior to 2018, three models were launched. The debuted in India in 2017 with the model 10.or E in two variants. It became a hit among younger generations and was viewed as a low budget phone with some good features.[2] In August 2018, the 10.or D2 phone was launched.[3] After almost a year, the company launched its latest phone, the 10.or G2, in July 2019. Two variants with 4GB and 6GB RAM were also released.[4]

10.or models include:[5]

  • 10.or D
  • 10.or E (with two variants)[6]
  • 10.or G
  • 10.or D2[7][8][9]
  • 10.or G2[4]


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