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1-2-3 Production
HeadquartersMoscow, Russia (Russian HQ)
Founder(s)Valery Fedorovich, Evgeny Nikishov

1-2-3 Production (PREMIER Studios) is a Moscow-based production company with focus on both commercial genre and director-driven feature films and premium series. Since company’s foundation in 2018 the strategic management is executed by Producers Valeriy Fedorovich and Evgeniy Nikishov, the cut-edge visionaries who together were awarded the TEFI Russian Television Prize in the category “Television Producer of the Season” in 2019. Currently, the company's portfolio includes such top-rated projects as the Gogol trilogy, “An Ordinary Woman” TV series, and the Outbreak drama. In 2020, the company is included in the new list of industry leaders, which is annually updated by the Council of the State Film Fund.

The filmography of the company includes the wide variety of genres and innovative formats. The reputation of the company is based on line-up of feature films with both solid local box office results and international performance as well as internationally awarded series.

The project “Gogol”, that combined 3 part feature film together with 8 episodes series version, won numerous international awards and became the box-office hit in Russia.

The social drama “An Ordinary Woman” was the first Russian project included in the main competition of the Series Mania festival (2018), won the Best Actress Prize for Anna Mikhalkova and was picked up by Cineflix Rights for international sales.

The prophetic drama “The Outbreak” about an unknown respiratory virus devastating Moscow was released in fall 2019 at PREMIER global SVOD platform, was selected for the main competition of the CanneSeries Festival (2019) and was included in Fresh TV Fiction @ MIPTV 2020.

The upcoming screen adaptation of the bestselling novel “The Dead Mountain” is being represented at international market by German leading distributor Beta Film.

In 2020 PREMIER Studios has launched a post-production daughter company – 1-2-3 Production VFX (ex-PREMIER Studios VFX).

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