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1&1 Drillisch AG
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Founded1983 (1983)
HeadquartersMaintal, Germany
former Logo

1&1 Drillisch AG (formerly known as: Drillisch AG) is a German telecommunication service provider listed on the TecDAX.[1] Since 2017 it has been part of United Internet AG.


The mobile network of the Drillisch company uses the network infrastructure provided by Telefónica Germany and Vodafone Germany. Based on regulations by the Competition regulator regarding the fusion of E-Plus and Telefónica Germany, Drillisch was able to secure 20% of the network's capacities for their uses. Due to historical reasons, the company still resorts to networks of other carriers for Digital subscriber line and Glass fiber in addition to their own 1&1 Versatel network. With 1&1 Versatel, the parent company United Internet holds their own network infrastructure and keeps adding customer connections to their broadband provisional services. In 2019, the company gained a bonus for setting up their own mobile network at the auction of 5G frequencies which is planned for 2021.[2]


The core business Mobile telephony is handled by the wholly owned subsidiaries

The brands that are part of the Drillisch subsidiaries mostly market Mobile virtual network operators to private customers, but in addition to that also M2M products to business customers. The products use either the Telefónica or the Vodafone mobile networks, the latter generally reach a higher price average than those using the Telefónica network. The private customers business amounts to about 20 percent of the overall business. The business guidelines for the subsidiaries are generally centrally determined, so most brands show a similar structured portfolio of tariffs. On April 1, 2014, a new selection of tariffs was introduced by all different providers.[6] IQ-optimize Software AG mainly provides technical services for the parent group but also provides similar services of a smaller scope to business customers.[7] Besides pure services, IQ-optimize Software AG also distributes licenses for their internally developed “workflow-management”-software called “Mapito”.[8] In September 2014, Drillisch announced that in addition to the usage of 30 percent of the network capacities of the corporation they fused with (O2/E-Plus) in 2015, they also plan to create or take over up to 600 O2/E-Plus shops in Germany.[9] In an interview released on January 22, 2015, it was clarified, that the shops would be running under the new label "Yourfone".[10]

Within the scope of internal restructuring, the operative businesses of the Eteleon AG and the MS Mobile Services GmbH were transferred over to the Drillisch Telecom GmbH on April 1, 2015. Based on a fusion contract, on March 17. 2015 the Eteleon AG was fused with MSP Holding GmbH on [11] and MS Mobile Services GmbH was absorbed directly by the Drillisch Telecom GmbH.[12] Yourfone will be established as the stationary premium label and Smartmobil as the online premium label.[13]

On May 27, 2015, Drillisch's plans to take over about 300 Telefónica retail shops in Germany were made public.[14] The subsidiary Drillisch Telecom Gmbh changed their legal form to an AG and from then on operated under the name Drillisch Online AG.[15] On December 28, 2017, Heiko Hambückers, Managing Director of Drillisch Online AG, announced the sale of the shops to Aptus.

Recent news[edit]

It was announced in May 2015 that the company would take over more than 300 shops and 300 employees from Telefónica Deutschland.[16]


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