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0R8 (Orb) is a sci-fi puzzle indie game developed by Kaosrio, as well as multiple concept artists and a composer. The game reached its initial goal on Kickstarter on July 31, 2018[1] and work has been progressing steadily since. The game got a shout-out by known YouTube creator Austin McConnell[2], from whom the community surrounding the game has grown sixfold.


Currently only the demo has been released[3]. Out of a planned 6-chapter sequence, each chapter having around 12 levels, it is the first version of the first chapter. The game begins as you wake from a bed and into a pristine, futuristic environment. A robotic voice orders you to put on clothes. This prompt can be ignored without lasting impact on the game. After leaving the room, the player enters a hallway where they discover that there are many rooms in this facility. The robotic voice tells the player to go right and follow an orange line, though if the player goes left and follows a blue line, a special audio prompt is played. The blue path does not lead anywhere significant. Afterwards, they ride an elevator down to a large room, where the player recives the orb from a cylindrical charging station. After they are introduced to the mechanics, they are required to return int whilst in the elevator.[4]

The player enters an elevator and is transported to a room where the Orb's inter dimensional travel is explained. The Orb can transport the player through 2 and later 3 dimensions, all of which are influenced by other dimensions and have different layouts. The player takes the Orb and jumps dimensions for the first time, then places the Orb in its return tube, where it is placed at the end of every level. After this the player must complete challenges of increasing intensity, until they are teased the 3-dimensional orb, which has not been implemented as of the demo. The current world record speedrun is 9 minutes and 30 seconds[5].

About Kaosrio[edit]

Kaosrio is a Belgian developer and content creator.

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