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IndustryFashion accessories
FoundedSanta Monica, California (2006)
Founder(s)Sigmar Berg

+Beryll is a luxury accessory company based in Los Angeles, California.[1] They specialize in designer sunglasses and other lifestyle accessories such as clothes. It has a flagship store in Santa Monica, and is sold at approximately 500 other outlets.[1]


+Beryll was founded in 2006 by Sigmar Berg in Los Angeles, California. Berg (born 1975), an Austrian-born painter, photographer,[2] and fashion designer, had moved to Los Angeles in 2006 with his family. Trained as an architect,[3] he soon began designing accessories in his Santa Monica studio.[2] He originally focused hand-made sunglasses for the brand, later expanding into jewelry, handbags, boots,[1] belts, hats, scarves, leather vests, and other accessories.[4]

Sigmar is "largely influenced by his European roots," and in particular the architecture style of Bauhaus.[4] His products tend to be unisex, and also incorporate styles of Southern California.[4] The brand uses a crew of "artisan workers" to craft its products.[3]

The company has a flagship store in Santa Monica, California. Originally by-appointment only,[1] it later opened to the general public.[5] The brand is also sold at over 500 stores[4] such as Henri Bendel, Maxfield, Barney's, and Fred Segal.[1]

According to the brand, its products have been worn by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, David LaChapelle, Drew Barrymore, Lenny Kravitz, Katie Holmes, Kevin Dillon,[1] Steven Tyler, Robert De Niro, Kim Basinger, Nicolas Cage and others.[5] Kristin Cavallari wore the Beryll "Air" sunglasses on The Hills Season 6 Ep.1.[6] Other sunglasses have been worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Pacquin,[4] Sharon Stone, and Demi Moore.[7]


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