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The 'Nth chatting room' case is a massive digital sexual crime and sexual exploitation case that has been taking place in Telegram since summer of 2018 until March 2020 in South Korea.[1] Victims include a large number of minors, including middle school students.[2][3] The perpetrator is estimated to be at least tens of thousands to more than 300,000, and the number of victims is estimated to range from thousands to tens of thousands.


Nth Room[edit]

It was reported to the community in February 2019 that there was a telegram chat room in which male assailants called victims women "slaves" and posted photos of sexual exploitation and even shared personal information. The nickname "God God" was to create eight chat rooms, from "1st Room" to "8th Room" (so-called 'Nth Room') and put sexual exploitation pornography here, and the nickname "Watchman" was to have their links posted in the telegram room called "Gotham-bang(room)." (the name was originated from 'Gotham city' known as high crime rates) However, the Nth room disappeared in September 2019, and there were other rooms instead.

Room called 'Baksa-bang(박사방, Doctor's room in korean)'[edit]

Among the rooms created, the "박사방(Doctor's Room)" run by the nickname "박사(Doctor)" is most famous because he has created a model that distributes sexual exploitation through telegram chat rooms and allows access to chat rooms only with cryptographic payments. The "박사(Doctor)" which appeared in July 2019, threatened women and identified their personal information to take sadistic photos and videos and post them. When the report began, "박사(Doctor)" also identified and circulated the personal information of the reporter. In addition, a high school student in Incheon Metropolitan City ran several telegram chat rooms where links to child pornography and drug trafficking are shared, and even shared tips for preparing for a police investigation.

Copycat crime[edit]

The incident, which started as a copycat crime by claiming to be a second Soranet(Illegal pornography site)[4] from the start, gave birth to a Ph.D. room that imitated it again and countless other copycat crimes are still rampant until March 2020. The scale is not small at all, but when the investigation began, the total number of accounts that moved crime platforms from telegram to decode reached about 300,000.


Experts point out that in order to resolve and prevent the recurrence of this case.

  • First, The government requested for active cooperation in international cooperation investigations.
  • Second, Establishment of a new department in charge of digital sex crimes.
  • Third, Establishment of a strong system to strengthen sentencing standards and recover illegal profits.
  • Fourth, Allowing a trap investigation in sex crime.
  • Fifth, Also need to punishing the platform.[5]

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