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'Arry and Bert (also known as Iron 'Arry and Iron Bert) are two twin diesel engines. They are based in the BR Class 08[1] like Diesel, Paxton , Splatter & Dodge and Sidney. They work together at the scrapyards and smelters of the Sodor Ironworks.


They created by Britt Allcroft/David Mitton for the TV Series.

TV Series[edit]

They first appeared in the 13th episode, 5th Series of Thomas & Friends 'Stepney Gets Lost' were when Stepney came to the Sodor Ironworks they shunted him into a smelter and luckily he saved in the last second by the Fat Controller. Arry and Bert appearanced at many movies of Thomas & Friends like Calling All Engines! of 2005, The Great Discovery of 2008 were cameos, Day of the Diesels of 2011. At the other movies like Thomas and Friends:The Great Race of 2016, Journey Beyond Sodor of 2017 and at the movie Big World! Big Adventures! of 2018 were been cameos . Their last appearance was in the first special of 23 series named Steam Team to Rescue.

Voice actors[edit]

Iron 'Arry[edit]

Iron Bert[edit]


'Arry's and Bert's models are created from many companies, but the models in the TV Series are created by Bachmann.


They have a green-yellow paintwork with yellow stripes and the name of the Sodor Ironworks.

'Arry and Bert in books[edit]

Α book has been written about 'Αrry and Bert with the same title by Wilbert Awdry.

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