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&&&&& is the debut mixtape by Venezuelan electronic producer Arca. It was released on 23 July 2013 through Hippos in Tanks on SoundCloud.[1][2] Even though 14 tracks are listed, the entire mixtape is in sequence as a single track.[3] A vinyl release of the mixtape with an alternative album cover was released in January 2014 and was limited to 500 copies.[4] On 28 July 2020, Arca announced a re-release of &&&&& through PAN, making the mixtape available on mainstream streaming platforms for the first time on 18 September 2020.


&&&&& is an experimental electronic record with influences of dub, hip-hop, grime, ambient music, trap, and glitch.[5][1][6] Stereogum described the record as "even darker and denser" than Arca's two previous Stretch EPs.[7]

Critical reception[edit]

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&&&&& received critical acclaim from music critics.[8] Tiny Mix Tapes says the mixtape "has the potential to conjure an emotional frenzy that’s alluring to the senses in a way that so much electronic artistry fails to even approach."[1] No Ripcord praised the mixtape for "its density, its intensity, its I'm-lost-in-a-big-city feel, its warm gust of beats blowing while the subway comes squeaking into the station, its darkness, its late-night ecstasy, its rawness, its rawness like raw milk, like drinking raw milk or eating sushi in an inexpensive restaurant somewhere on a street with trash and tweakers, its little motifs that twinkle like stars or Christmas lights, its muscular compactness."[9] In a review of the reissue, Pitchfork said that "there’s something a bit melancholy about listening to &&&&& now—the feeling that instead of freeing us from the past, technology has left us stuck in a loop, endlessly refreshing in search of a better world that never arrives, but that we can still dream of in our art."[10]

The album was eventually sent to Icelandic musician Björk’s management, leading to the two artists collaborating on her eighth studio album Vulnicura.

Track listing[edit]

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  • Arca – production
  • Jesse Kanda – artwork


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