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% Arabica
IndustryCoffee industry
Founder(s)Kenneth Shoji
ParentArabica International Ltd

% Arabica is a Japanese specialty coffee company based in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong.[1][2]

History & background[edit]

% Arabica was founded by Kenneth Shoji, who was born and raised in Tokyo. Shoji moved to Hong kong in 2011. Inspired by his frequent visits to Starbucks when living in Venice Beach during his college years in the 1990s, he bought a coffee farm in Hawaii and then opened the first % Arabica store in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong in 2013.[1]

% Arabica source coffee from more than 30 countries including Hawaii, Brazil, Ethiopia, Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala.[2]

In 2014, % Arabica opened its global flagship store in Kyoto, Japan.[3]

In May, 2020 % Arabica announced the opening of its first US store in Manhattan, New York.[4]

% Arabica has 58 stores in 14 countries, including UK, Indonesia, China, Bahrain, Morocco, Kuwait, UAE, France, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand and Oman.[5][6][7]

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