"Deji" Meets Girl

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Template:Nihongo is a Japanese original short anime television series produced by animation studio Liden Films. This anime will premier "in the tail end of Super Animeism" block in October, 2021 on TBS, MBS and 26 affiliated stations.[1][2]

This anime will also have it's international premier as a closing-day screening on August 25 of Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival.[3][2]




The original story is credited to Naminoue Seinendan, produced by Japanese studio Liden Films, direction and character design by Ushio Tazawa, series composition and original character design by Akane Malbeni; Kaori Akatsu and Norifumi Okuno designed the props, music by Hiroshi Nakamura, sound direction by Ryousuke Naya, sound work credited to Studio Mouse, editing by Satomi Yamada, art direction by Miu Miyamoto, colour design by Kunio Tsujita, photography directed by Mitsuyoshi Yamamoto and CG directed by Yoshimasa Yamazaki.[5]


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