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Tanis Reid (born on January 13, 1998) known professionally as $ubjectz is an American recording artist, producer, engineer and songwriter known for his distinguished alternative style of music. Transcending genres and creating blends of dark melodic trap aggressive rap and alternative rock has allowed him to establish himself as an artist in the music industry. $ubjectz is also one half of rap duo "GCSY" and a member of the "0500XGCSY" collective of collaborative artists.


Reid was Born January 13th 1998 in Brentwood New York, Began his career as a producer at the age of 14, after a few years of self tutoring he began to song writing and producing for local artist in his neighborhood before eventually deciding to experiment as a recording artist. Reid joined a collective known as SLV during high school in 2015 a year later he met fellow recording artist Cameron Azi, The collective "SLV" had began to re-brand itself, $ubjectz and Cameron Azi branched off and formulated their own portion of the collective known as "GCSY" in 2016 and the other artist in the collective formed "0500" which had led collective being branded as "0500XGCSY". Later that year after re. branding $ubjectz featured on the first project from "GCSY" entitled "MURDER RATE" co-founding the experimental genre known as "TRAP METAL". After finding underground success through the creation of an innovative sound $ubjectz continued to push acoustic boundaries through high paced, distorted bass, guitar riffs and late 90's early 2000's hip-hop and Nu-metal influenced lyrics and melodies.



$ubjectz on many occasions has stated that his Music influences come heavy from the early 2000s hip-hop he grew up listening to as well as his love for Nu-Metal bands such as System of a down , Korn , Slipknot and Kittie as well as Artist such as Kanye west , DMX , Master P , Juvenile and Three 6 Mafia have been credited by the artist as influences


$ubjectz's music can be described as a transcendence between Genres such as Nu-Metal, Trap , Witch house and early 2000's hiphop , $ubjectz continuously works to push the sound barrier as a recording artist, engineer and producer.



File:$ubjectz Performing.jpg
$ubjectz of GCSY performing at SOB's in NY

MURDER RATE - (December 27th 2016)

MURDER RATE 2- (March 19th 2018)


$ubjectz - SANITY


$ubjectz - KCLIP

$ubjectz - BlackTearDrops









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