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Background Information[edit]

Template loop detected: Template:Infobox musical artist [1] [2] Isaac Olek (born April 14, 2000), popularly known as $aintBandit , is a Kenyan - English electronic music producer, rapper, songwriter and record producer. He first gained online recognition in late 2019 by releasing a number of songs on YouTube and SoundCloud which featured new sounds and rhythms, most popular his solo track Run Away. Early 2020 he dropped his debut studio album Dear Mama 2.DIE.4 in honor of all the women struggling to see their families through the Corona Virus pandemic.Chromosome number: {{{1}}}

Early life[edit]

Olek, was born on April 14,2000 in the west coast city of Kisumu, Kenya, where he was partly raised. He spent some time living in a small town Mazeras at the east coast city of Mombasa in his youth. Saint started rapping and singing as young as 14, and he began making beats at the earnest age of 18. He listened to David Guetta, Lil Wayne, Drake, Khaligraph Jones, Future and 2pac who is also his biggest inspiration in music.


In September 2019, he released his first mixtape, Illegalz, which featured soundtracks like Mars, Perce X Molly, and Feathers. Six months later he dropped his first album, DearMama. Which had songs like Level Struggle and Dear Mama. Saint has also dropped a few singles such as "At World's End", "Run Away" and "A Lil Closer" about the same period of time.[3]


$aintBandit has released one studio album and six singles.[4]

Albums 1
Singles 6


DearMama Album
Track Duration
april 99 3.25
better 3.45
blue 3.29
dear mama 3.44
forgone 4.15
forgone II 3.29
level struggle 3.39
reminisce 4.16
run away 3.46


Track Details Duration
a lil closer 2019 3.34
take me away 2019 3.31
better 2020 3.45
run away 2020 3.46
we belong together 2020 4.05
at world's end 2020 3.30

Isaac Olek (talk) 18:30, 10 August 2020 (UTC)


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