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Template:Infobox television $25 Million Dollar Hoax is an unscripted television series that was originally shown on American network NBC in November 2004.

The series is noted to be similar in style to FOX's My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance, which aired in 2003.[1] It is based on a United Kingdom show titled The Million Pound Hoax,[1] broadcast on Sky One earlier that year.[2]


In the series, daughter Chrissy Sanford plays a hoax on her family by convincing them she had won a $25,000,000 lottery prize through the internet, and that it had changed her from a sweet girl into a spend-a-holic.[3][4]

$25 Million Dollar Hoax contained guest appearances by Ed McMahon, George Gray, and N*SYNC's Lance Bass.

Chrissy successfully pulled off the hoax, which won her and her family over $400,000 in cash and prizes.[4]


  • Chrissy Sanford – As herself
  • Guy Sanford (father) – As himself
  • Lois Sanford (mother) – As herself
  • Paul Sanford (brother) – As himself
  • Eric Sanford (brother) – As himself
  • Andrew Sanford (brother) – As himself
  • David Sanford (brother) – As himself
  • Phillip Sanford (brother) – As himself
  • Matthew Sanford (brother) – As himself
  • Jameson Karns (friend) – As himself
  • Ed McMahon – As himself
  • George Gray – As himself
  • Lance Bass – As himself

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