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This page describes committees created by the Wikimedia Foundation and by the Wikimedia community. Each committee has a charter describing its structure and function.

  • For recommended committee stuctures and processes, see the July 2010 minutes of the WMF Board.

Board committees[edit]

Committee Purpose
WMF Board Governance Committee
  • Ensuring the Board fulfills legal and fiduciary obligations
  • Improve its governance, efficiency and effectiveness over time
  • Oversight of financial and accounting issues
  • Oversight of the relationship with the independent auditor
WMF Board HR Committee
  • Oversight of compensation and personnel policies and practices
  • Review of executive compensation and of the performance of the Executive Director
WMF Product Committee
WMF Special Projects Committee

WMF staff committees[edit]

Committee Purpose
Template:Pg Facilitate communication between the Wikimedia Foundation, the general public, the media, and the communities of the various Wikimedia projects

Community-wide committees[edit]

Committee Purpose
  • Distribution of funds to Wikimedia organizations to support the mission of the movement
  • Proposing, processing, supporting and coordinating new language projects

Active independent committees[edit]

These don't seek explicit/formal recognition by the Wikimedia Foundation or others.

Inactive or closed committees[edit]

Organized policies, practices and priorities for Wikimedia-related research, and maintaining the Wikimedia Research Index.

Board expansion committee[edit]

Created January 15, 2006 by board resolution.

The Board was successfully expanded from 5 to 7 members in November 2006, and the committee consequently disbanded.

Executive committee[edit]

Created January 15, 2006 by board resolution, intended to hold executive authority delegated from the Board when the Board was not in session (see a common definition).

It was meant to be organized by Angela, but was never really in operation. To be considered disbanded. A sub-meeting (discussion log) of the 11 February 2006 open meeting was used to discuss the setting up of the executive committee and the possibility of an administrative director (or a similarly worded executive position).

  • Selection of and transition to a new Executive Director (2013-2014)

Created January 15, 2006 by board resolution.

First meeting took place on April 5, 2006. The initial members were Delphine Ménard, Arne Klempert, Simon Pulsifer, Frank Schulenburg. The last update indicated the committee was working on a paper about the scope of the committee. Considered disbanded.

Financial committee[edit]

Created January 15, 2006 by board resolution.

Was to be organized by Daniel Mayer and Michael Davis. Status: disagreement between the organisers, original proposals were rejected. Now deprecated after accountant and financial director were hired (see Current staff).

Created June 7, 2006. It was active throughout its first year of operation, but was disbanded in its original description in August 2007. Previous membership list available here: wmf:Resolution:Fundraising committee/Membership. Committee's abandonment is mentioned at wmf:Resolution:Wikimedia Committees.

Insurance committee[edit]

Created January 15, 2006 by board resolution.

The original members were Michael Davis, Angela Beesley, Jimmy Wales, and Danny Wool. Status: work in progress to complete applications for board and officers liability insurance and cyber-insurance. Committee de facto disbanded in January after meeting about the forms. D&O active.

Created April 2008 by board resolution. Deprecated since early 2010.

Created January 15, 2006 by board resolution.

Was originally organized by Florence Devouard, Jakob Voss, and Danny Wool. No longer active as of August 2007. It was dissolved in January 2009 per board resolution.

Created January 15, 2006 by board resolution.

Was to be organized by Jens Frank, Brion Vibber and Domas Mituzas. Status: was never organized, although the core team of developers constitute a sort of de facto committee.

Trademarks committee[edit]

Created January 2, 2006 by board resolution, intended to oversee the legal process to secure trademarks, make timely reports on the trademark status to the board, make recommendations to the Board about the top priority concerning trademarks (categories, locations and their estimated costs), and was responsible for registering and monitoring domain names for the Foundation.

Status: was partly active for a while, but disbanded as of August 2007.

См. также[edit]

  • Wikimedia:Resolutions – for details and transcripts of meetings about the setting up of these committees

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