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Title of the submission

Khachaturian Days on Wikipedia

Type of submission (lightning talk, discussion, panel, workshop)
  • Lightning talk
Author(s) of the submission

Mher Bekaryan




Local chapter

  • GLAM
Level of advancement (basic, medium, advanced)
  • Medium
Abstract (up to 100 words)

Who Aram Khachaturian is and his huge role not only in Armenian but also in the world culture are vital to be presented on Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects. The purpose of this lightning talk is to present the significance of covering his activities and personality on different language Wikimedia projects. In order to accomplish this WMAM started a new project with a novel format which exceptionally involves the House-Museum of Aram Khachaturian and intends to deepen the collaboration with other cultural entities.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

This is the first experience to organize a project in a format where the museum is greatly involved so we would like to share this experiment with the CEE community and receive feedback.

Do you plan to pre-record a video with a presentation?


Special requirements
Slides or further information

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