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Wikibusiness.jpg for your SEO optimization!

Why it has already become an obligation that you have an entry on! Business provides you as an entrepreneur with many opportunities - with a lot of options. The wiki site is as diverse as it is active. Whether you are an entrepreneur, store owner, restaurant owner, service provider or advisor, it doesn't matter. enables anyone who wants to see his or her business represented online. There is the opportunity to share news or to point out special promotions. For example, discount promotions or special offers can be advertised here. It is likewise possible to interact with customers. And in this way adapt the services or products offered even better to your clientele and their needs.

The potential exchange with customers creates the opportunity to set yourself apart from other providers and generate a unique selling proposition. By exchanging information with consumers and prospects, you get the information you require to make your product or service better. Especially better than those of your competitors. Quality has always prevailed. As an entrepreneur, satisfied customers who tell you how to make your service or products even better or more unique are worth their weight in gold. This will keep your customers' fingers on the pulse.

With you can increase the number of visitors, your reputation and thus your turnover. is completely free of charge, you only need to take a few minutes and post your company, service, offers or products on this portal.

Draw visitors' attention to your products or services

In this regard, it does not matter if you want to reach. As a public person or online store. On you have the opportunity to draw attention to yourself and your offers. Due to the constant interaction with customers, other potential customers will also become aware of your offer. A good way to gain visibility and get the sales machinery moving. Nowadays, only your own website or your own store is not enough. The really good domain name are mostly already taken. Hence, the likelihood that you will be found directly by typing in the browser bar is low. offers you, however, the opportunity to create trust with your visitors on your site. Using the rating seal you increase the trust in your service, your service or your online store. Trust leads more quickly to a positive purchase decision. Yet another great way to set yourself apart from direct competitors. The synergistic effects between your homepage, your seal and will be to your benefit. In addition, the reviews and conversations between you and your target group will provide an impression of seriousness and reliability.

Star ratings are today's recommendations

94% of online shoppers have reported that a critical review has influenced them in their decision not to buy a product, according to a study. Alternatively, it convinced them not to trust a company. In the past, people asked their neighbors which doctor they needed to go to, but today consumers check out the star ratings of their targets. No need to worry about bad reviews here because provides the opportunity for a qualified exchange. That means you can reply to reviews and engage in consumer conversation. Research says 2/3 of consumers rely on star ratings from vendors.

If your business is well-rated, Google's algorithms as well as your customers alike are inclined to see your website as an authority in the industry. And also this results in more attention for you, your product or service. After all, if your target group talks about you and/or your product, this increases your relevance and findability online. In turn, this results in additional sales or bookings of up to 20%. and search engine optimization

On we are permanently working on search engine optimization. Therefore, everyone who publishes an entry on this portal benefits from this. Your web site will not only receive an excellent backlink, it will also be featured on a portal that is in constant development and is working on its own optimization. The relevance of your entry thus also rises. A win-win situation. is your own article page. You have the option to announce news and discount promotions or to integrate bookings, appointments or reservations.

Of course, the visibility of your company's online presence is one of today's most valuable acquisition tools. It is your chance to present yourself on the web in a cost-efficient and effective way. Increasing visibility is one of the main tasks. By cooperating with, you will have an active partner constantly driving your company's own optimization. We also work on your own visibility, which in turn is directly related to your own visibility.

Sharing concepts and ideas with customers

Any company that would like to improve and benefit from the experiences gained by its customers can make immediate contact with them on And thus better align their services with the wishes of their customers. It is also possible to refer to campaigns, advertisements, or discount promotions via the contributions. And in such a way in particular for the own enterprise to recruit and orders win. Added value for small businesses here lies in the potential visibility that can take place. It is also a opportunity, far from newsletters, to address a large group of interested people.

You can share and publish ideas, news or projects right here. And discuss them directly with your customers and your target group. The ratings you receive for your products, your company in general, or your services in particular, will help you in your development.

Is it compulsory to register here?

Needless to say, there is no obligation to register on, but you would be missing out on a great many benefits. It allows you to interact directly with your (future) customers and thus greatly increase your sales rates. Also customers can share their pleasant experiences with other visitors of your profile and also encourage them to buy your product or service. Having a trust seal on your website also takes your customers directly to your profile and allows them to be convinced by you once again.

Frequently, your own website is not enough for a purchase recommendation. Customers leave your website and look for other views and reviews related to your product or service. So why not take control of your potential customers and keep track of them at all times?

For instance, it may also happen that your competitors sign up with your profile name and pretend to be your restaurant, company, etc. in order to lure away your customers. Regrettably, this also happens from time to time. But here you can take precautions by verifying your profile so that customers will know immediately that you are the legitimate owner of the business.

An entry on Wikipedia is nearly impossible, but this would provide you with a huge trust advantage, right? According to a survey, 46.8% of readers/community perceive that an entry here creates more trust.

Use all these advantages and register today for free to be able to interact with your (future) customers.

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