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This page lists current, past, and future discussions related to the Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC). If there are relevant discussions that are not on this list, please add them! The timeline provides an overview of the UCoC process.

As part of Phase 2 of the process, there are multiple consultations with volunteers. The community consultations will inform the initial enforcement proposal draft and the draft before it is finalized.

Here is what is currently happening with the UCoC project:

Revisão das linhas diretrizes da redação da aplicação[edit]

A comprehensive community review of the enforcement draft guidelines is scheduled for 17 August 2021 through 17 October 2021.

Lista das discussões locais
Nome do projeto Hiperligação da discussão local Moderadores Notas
0 m:Talk:Universal Code of Conduct/Enforcement draft guidelines review User:Xeno (WMF)
0 w:en:Wikipedia:Universal Code of Conduct/Enforcement draft guidelines review User:Xeno (WMF)
0 s:en:Wikisource:Requests for comment/Universal Code of Conduct enforcement draft guidelines User:Civvi (WMF)
0 d:Wikidata talk:Universal Code of Conduct consultation User:YKo (WMF)
0 w:ko:위키백과토론:보편적 행동 강령 User:YKo (WMF)
0 w:id:Wikipedia:Permohonan pendapat/Pelaksanaan Kode Etik Universal User:RamzyM (WMF)
0 ru:Википедия:Форум/Новости#УКП - Обзор проекта руководства по обеспечению правоприменения User:Mehman (WMF)
0 w:sv:Wikipedia:Bybrunnen#Universal_Code_of_Conduct/Enforcement_draft_guidelines_review User:DBarthel (WMF)
0 w:no:Wikipedia:Tinget#Universal_Code_of_Conduct/Enforcement User:DBarthel (WMF)
0 pl:Wikipedia:Kawiarenka/Zasady#Powszechne_Zasady_Postępowania_–_Zasady_Egzekwowania_–_Dyskusja User:MNadzikiewicz (WMF)
0 w:es:Wikipedia:Código de Conducta Universal User:Oscar . (WMF)

Discussões antigas[edit]

Fase 2[edit]

Phase 2 of the UCoC project began with local language consultations. These were facilitated discussions with target language communities in discussion channels and platforms frequented by each of those communities. A comprehensive summary of these consultations was released in April 2021.

As our movement grows, community voices are needed to help shape the pathways to enforcing the UCoC that address the diverse needs of individual communities. The project team encourages communities to regularly share their experiences, ideas, and learnings with behavioral policies here on Meta, in consultations and discussions, or via email.

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Discussions regarding the UCoC continue to take place on Meta-Wiki:

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Consultas do idioma local - Fase 2[edit]

Local language consultations for Phase 2 of the UCoC project were held from late January to early March 2021. They discussed how to enforce the UCoC with 11 target language communities in discussion channels and platforms frequented by each of those communities. (Please refer to the FAQ for how the target language communities were selected.) The discussions were facilitated by Foundation contractors. The findings of individual language outreach are at:

Discussões da comunidade - Fase 2[edit]

For community discussions starting from April 2021, please look here.

Fase 1[edit]

Phase 1 local language consultations[edit]

The initial 2020 consultations lasted 3 months and involved 19 language communities. They sought to better understand the working atmosphere of communities across the Wikimedia movement.

Phase 1 community discussions[edit]

Please add any missing links to past discussions at individual Wikimedia projects related to the UCoC.

Dutch Wikipedia
Wikipedia em inglês

Fase 1 - Feedback sobre as vias de aplicação[edit]


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