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OMGPOP (formerly i'minlikewithyou or iilwy) is a casual online multiplayer gaming website built entirely in Flash. It arrived on Gaia Online March 4, 2011 with four games available. The games offer a chance for Gaians to earn Gaia Gold as they play. On April 4th a Developer created a poll to ask Gaians what other types of OMGPOP games would they like to see on Gaia.


copied verbatim from announcement

Good news, Gaian gamers: we've partnered with OMGPOP to bring you some cool new games that you can play with your friends-- and earn some Gold in the process, of course. But here's the amazing thing: these games are actually really good. No kidding. Here's what we've got so far:

Balloono: A multiplayer action game that lets you fulfill your lifelong fantasy of nailing monkeys with water balloons without getting arrested at the zoo.

Hover Kart Racing: Join your friends in some kart-bumping action. Experienced gamers will have no trouble picking up this classic-style racer.

Pool: Practice your stick skills with this challenging 8-ball sim. The anonymity of the Internet means nobody will break your thumbs if you hustle them!

Draw My Thing: Significantly less dirty than it sounds, unfortunately, but still fun. It's a lot like the classic game Win, Lose or Draw.

Check them out on our newly revamped Games page, but don't blame us if you develop a crippling addiction.

Sky Pigs: Use your jet pack to avoid obstacles and last longer than your friends! Use the distraction slot machine to get revenge too.


Which other OMGPOP games would you like to play on Gaia?

  • Typow!
  • Blockles
  • Missile Command
  • Fourplay
  • Dinglepop
  • Letterblox
  • Checkers
  • Hit Machine
  • Jigsawce
  • Other

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