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FAQ for moderators, users and companies/owners

FAQ Moderators:

Who can become a moderator?
Currently, anyone interested in writing articles can become a moderator. The prerequisite is a proper writing style and that you adhere to our guidelines. Memberships are free of charge.

What topics can a moderator write about?
All topics are allowed. You can also write about a bakery or a craftsman in a small village. It can be a product, any topic or a public person. Here again, our guidelines are important so that no one gets harmed.

When is a moderator compensated - coin program?
Already at the registration every moderator gets free coins through our coin partner. Additionally, a moderator will be compensated when writing an article or updating/upgrading an article. You are not compensated per word; our internal algorithm compensates differently. It's not all about the length of the article. The quality, information content and general activity of the moderator is also important.

How to earn more as a moderator?
Active and professional moderators receive additional assignments from us, which are paid separately per article. Since Everything.wiki does not write articles itself, we pass on bookings to our moderators and share the order value with the moderators. In this case we pass on up to 80% of the order value to the moderators.

How does a moderator get paid?
We compensate our moderators with a selected cryptocurrency, which is our cooperation partner. Since this coin is still in development, we will then compensate all moderators once the coin is released.

Further external orders are then paid in USD or EUR.

Where to sign up as a moderator?
You can register [HERE] After registration, you have to verify your e-mail address.

Where to get infos about how to post and edit articles?
[[Further documentation can be found [[Everything_Wiki:How_To_Create_Article HERE]]

FAQ User:

Who can become a user?
Anyone, without restrictions.

What can a user do?
A user can read, comment and rate articles. As a user, you are part of the community and can give each other tips and share experiences, educate people, create new incentives, or simply exchange ideas about your favorite topics.

Where to sign up?
You can easily sign up [HERE]

Do users get coins, too?
Our coin partner distributes to all users for a certain time (no matter if user or moderator). To do this, each user must register in the Telegram group and leave at least one article here as a moderator or a comment of at least 5 words for any article or discussion.

FAQ Company/Owner:

Who can register as a company? Anyone who runs a business in any form (shop, web shop, website, service, restaurant, hotel and many more).

What are the benefits of being a company? Companies can create a profile of themselves and present their company, service, or product. This can have a positive effect on search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Co.). Additionally, you can brand and sell your products in your profile. Users also can rate and interact directly. According to reviews on the Internet, up to 70% of consumers inform themselves before making a purchase decision. The more reviews a product has, the more likely it will be purchased. Just one review can increase the likelihood of a purchase by ten percent. If an online shop visitor engages with customer reviews on the product page, the sales rate increases by 58 percent. Around 50 reviews are enough to give users the feeling that a product has been tested sufficiently. The more interactions, comments, content, images and text the profile has, the higher the likelihood that this profile will be better positioned in search engines.

Can articles be edited by companies? Companies have the ability to lock their articles/profiles, so that other moderators cannot edit/update them. That's why we call companies owners, too.

How can I protect a page/article? If you want to protect your article so that nobody can change it then you can read more about it HERE

Can someone else create a company profile for me? Yes, moderators can also create a profile for a company. But as soon as you have verified yourself as owner, you can take over this profile.

What does a membership/profile cost? Creating a profile is free of charge.

Where to sign up? You can easily sign up [HERE]

Are there any other questions that haven't been answered here? Then you can just leave a comment below.

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