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About us:

We are a community of free, independent moderators and supporters who want to contribute to the common good of humanity. We see it as our responsibility to unite the consumers as well as the service providers, and to create the best possible win/win situation for both sides. Everything|Wiki does not belong to individual persons or companies, but to anyone who wants to be a part of the community. Everything|Wiki is the upgraded version of Wikipedia and other encyclopedias, which also allows reporting on other public persons or small companies. With us, there are no restrictions, as long as they are morally and legally justifiable. All visitors to this site have the opportunity to inform themselves about anyone and anything, and thus protect themselves. There is no one-sided reporting, and the community can help shape the contributions themselves to provide an optimal platform.

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Our Mission:

Our mission with Everything|Wiki is to provide a community and database where everyone can learn and exchange information about everything. Through the exchange, we provide added value for all sides. To create the most value possible, we share our revenue with our active community.

  • On Everything|Wiki any public person, company, place, animal, items, theories, business, etc., can be published. There are no restrictions here, everything is possible.
  • It doesn't matter how big the company, or how well known the public figure is. Smaller businesses such as the craftsman, hairdresser, or a bakery should also have the opportunity to introduce themselves.
  • Through a listing and active community exchange, consumers should be protected and given more certainty when making decisions.
  • The companies and business persons can present themselves regardless of their size and thus attract new customers. Unlike other encyclopedias, these companies or individuals can comment independently on the entries, comments, and ratings.
  • Companies can verify themselves through our seal to create more transparency and security for their customers.
  • The companies or public persons can advertise on their profiles and, for example, publish discount promotions and pass them on to their customers.
  • All sides should benefit from the interactive exchange.
  • Moderators receive points for creating and updating articles and can thus move up in the ranking. Active moderators will be remunerated separately by us.
  • Everything|Wiki is planning its own cryptocurrency in the future to simplify internal transactions for businesses and end users. The moderators' points will then be converted into our own currency.
  • Community members will also have the opportunity to purchase the coin. Each coin holder will then have share in the various incomes of Everything|Wiki as long as they hold that coin with us.


11 months ago
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My name is Hilary Umeoka. I have been editing English wikipedia for over 11 years.

I found your wiki platform and I love everything about it.

I am interested in being part of your team at Everything|Wiki.

I am willing to abide by the rules. I already created an account there.


Hilary Umeoka


5 months ago
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I am an active writer and I would like to contribute to everything.wiki but I am not getting the confirmation email.

I've tried repeatedly. Please contact me: robert@robertnicholson.info


4 months ago
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