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IndustrySoftware service management
Founder(s)Nader Mikhail

Elementum is an American Software company based in San Mateo, California.[1] Elementum is disrupting the $500B service management industry with the power of SaaS 3.0. In an age when speed matters most, Elementum’s cloud-native architecture is shocking the status quo with integration-free deployments, instantaneous provisioning, no-code admin, consumption pricing and real-time, cross-enterprise collaboration.[2]


Elementum was founded with the goal of bringing service management to the global supply chain in order to increase productivity and improve service levels.[3] Since then, Elementum has expanded its services to support enterprise service management. In 2021, Elementum completely rebuilt its platform with SaaS 3.0 technology.[4]

Elementum is currently focused on delivering an enterprise service management solution that the full enterprise actually uses. The main use cases include Enterprise Technology, Enterprise Risk Management, and Supply Chain Operations.[5]

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